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STATUS/الوضع: Issue 2.2 is Live!

August 27, 2015


After some months of hard work and consolidation, we are more than pleased to announce the release of Issue 2.2 of Status. This issue, like previous issues, includes a remarkable variety of interviews, programs, and reviews related to some of the more exciting and substantive issues happening in the region. From politics, to history, art, media, and panels/lectures and more, all segmented to allow maximum listening flexibility, you will be able to indulge for hours at a time!

Download the podcast from iTunes and listen anywhere, or go to to listen to bits and pieces here and there, with diverse, annotated menu.

The content includes a broad range of interviews, reviews of books and film, segments on Academic Freedom, Music, Panels/Conferences, and more. It is too expansive to address individually and there is no substitute to checking out the site!



In the past months, we were hard at work procuring content, producing, doing post-production, and, most importantly, connecting with new voices and organizations, mainly in the region, that have joined our team and effort. The fruits of such developments will unfold and become evident with time as we expand our coverage, release issues more frequently, and dig deeper into the salient and exciting things taking place in the region.


As a result, in this issue, you will hear Arabic, English, and Turkish. This list will expand in time and material will be drawn from as close to the ground as possible. Significantly, we have added several partnerships to our effort, all of whom can be found on our Partners Page. We are grateful and excited about these additions and look forward to more collaboration as the best means to provide a collective alternative to establishment-type or mainstream audio programming.




In this regard, we continue to challenge the mainstream Audio outlets on the Middle East, whether in the region or beyond (principally Europe and the United States). Our content does so elegantly and, often, satirically, without making it a fixation that robs creativity. We are hoping to connect with more voices who wish to present an alternative narrative on all things related to the region, from history and politics, to gender and music. If you wish to join our effort, email us at

Moving forward, lots of good changes will be taking place at Status. Stay tuned, literally. 

Status Team