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Jadaliyya Launches New Palestine Page

July 07, 2015


Since its launch in 2010, Jadaliyya has published many incisive pieces on Palestine and the Palestinians across a broad disciplinary spectrum. We have examined issues as diverse as Palestinian refugees in Syria, the assault on Palestinian advocacy in US academia and the public sphere, and Palestinian film and art. This is all in addition to extensive reportage, analysis, and interviews on the current state of Palestine, its politics and people.

To date, these articles have been featured on the Occupation, Intervention, Law (O.I.L.) Page. As of today, Palestine has its own page (and O.I.L. is being renamed the Law and Conflict Page). These changes will allow Palestine to command the distinctive attention that it deserves. The concentration of articles, links, and other materials related to Palestine and its people on this new page will make it easier for our readers to find what they are looking for when they go to the Jadaliyya home page.

Welcome to the Palestine Page!

We have decided to launch this page on the one-year anniversary of the last and latest large-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip. To commemorate this event, our launch features the following essays: 


Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism: Profiting Israel, Entrenching the Blockade
Nuriya Oswald, Al Mezan 

Gaza One Year On: The Crisis Never Ended

The Limits of Humanitarianism
Max Ajl 

Rebuilding Gaza Needs Freedom and Normality – Not Just Aid
Sara Roy 

Palestinian Refugees Deserve To Live in Dignity
Chris Gunness, UNRWA

Quick Thoughts: Nathan Thrall on the Gaza Strip One Year After Israel’s Operation Protective Edge
Nathan Thrall 

Arab Film on Israeli Television: An Interview with Eyal Sagui Bizawe
Alex Shams 

Permission To Kill in Gaza
Noura Erakat