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Jadaliyya launches its new website!

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Arab Studies Journal Volume XV No. 2 (Fall 2017) - Out Now!

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Issue 4.2 of STATUS/الوضع Audio Magazine is live! Check out the new issue and customize your experience now:

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JADMAG 5.1: Settler Colonialism | Edited by Maya Mikdashi

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Ahmad Dallal's The Political Theology of ISIS: Prophets, Messiahs, & "the Extinction of the Grayzone" is available for order now on!

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The Arab Studies Institute unveils its new pedagogical project Gaza In Context!

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The 2017 Lebanon Dissertation Summer Institute, June 12th-23rd 2017 @ The American University of Beirut

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The Political Economy Summer Institute [PESI 2017] June 9th-12th @ George Mason University

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Mouin Rabbani Delivers GMU Middle East and Islamic Studies Annual Lecture: 'Palestine: Anatomy of an Abyss"

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Main_jadnyt Recognizes Jadaliyya

"Online Magazine Brings New Life to Arab Studies"

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Issue 4.2 of STATUS/الوضع Audio Magazine is Live!

The Arab Studies Institute is proud to announce the release of Issue 4.2 of STATUS/الوضع Audio Magazine! Check out the new issue and customize your experience now: Read More

Status Audio Journal

An evolving, critical, collaborative, and independent monthly Audio Journal combining analysis, reporting, and satire. It will feature interviews/conversations, on-the-scene reports, reviews, informed commentary, and readings. Interviews from the region and beyond will feature activists, journalists, scholars, and c... Read More

Studying, Researching, Teaching, Representing: The Arab Uprisings Three Years On

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