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KPP (Knowledge Production Project) Researchers

Interns for the Knowledge Production Project will join one of five databases within the project, each with their own mission and procedure for examining and cataloging the production of knowledge on the Middle East.

Internship responsibilities will differ by database: Peer-Reviewed Articles, Books, Think Tank Reports, Book Reviews, Dissertations, Films, TV Shows, Documentaries, Translated Books, and Websites.
In general, internship responsibilities will include:

1. Researching and cataloging sources of knowledge production (per the databases above.), and evaluating the content and method of production in different realms.
2. Work closely with the coordinator of their respective database to decide upon new paths of research and potential leads for developing the project.
3. Interns will be asked to write a 3-5 page report at the end of their internship that addresses knowledge production on the Middle East and/or Muslim World. Specific writing prompts to be worked out with their supervisor.